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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy from a Chiropractor in Kent, WA

A massage sounds like the ultimate relaxing experience and there is no denying that you will leave a session feeling a greater sense of well-being. However, you should be aware that a massage is not just a luxury experience when it is performed by a chiropractor that uses this technique to address back pain. Whether you struggle with a dull ache in your lower back or have shooting pains that emanate from your spine and down to your legs, there are multiple benefits provided by massage therapy for increasing your comfort.

As the chiropractor performs the massage, blood circulation increases throughout your body. As blood flows into your muscles, ligaments and nerves, vital nutrients and oxygen are delivered to these areas that help to decrease inflammation that causes pain. You will also notice that the increased blood flow allows these parts of your body to begin to recover from injuries such as those sustained during an accident.

Massage therapy involves applying gentle pressure to key areas on your back that the chiropractor knows are associated with generating your pain. These applications of touch help to loosen up tight muscles and ligaments so that you begin to experience a greater range of motion. Being able to move normally again helps to prevent these muscles from becoming stiff, which is a common reason why you feel pain with every movement before the massage.

The powerful effects of human touch also generate a hormonal response that involves the flood of endorphins throughout your body. These endorphins are similar to the types that are released during exercise that make you feel good, and you will notice that the higher state of mental well-being helps to minimize the pain that you feel.

Although massage therapy can be performed alone, it is often combined with other chiropractic strategies such as therapeutic exercises and lifestyle changes to generate a wider range of benefits. While it does take time to ease the pain caused by a back injury, most people begin to feel the benefits such as better sleep and decreased soreness from the very first massage.