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Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in Kent WA Can Help You Stay Active

For those who are sidelined by illnesses or injuries, Palmer Chiropractic Clinic
provides various therapies to help them resume their regular routine. Physical
therapy helps patients make regular exercise a habit.


Kent, WA – November 20, 2017 – Dr. Bussard, DC, and his team at Palmer Chiropractic Clinic want the
public to know that they provide comprehensive chiropractic services to help patients overcome a
variety of illnesses and injuries so they can get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

Musculoskeletal problems may lead to pain and other health concerns that can make daily activities
difficult. The chiropractor uses state of the art corrective techniques to restore spinal alignment,
boosting nervous system functioning and alleviating pain. Optimal spinal health allows for better
mobility and overall well-being.

To augment the benefits of corrective techniques, the chiropractor provides each patient with a
customized exercise plan that addresses the specific condition or injury. Chiropractic is a
lifestyle encompassing all aspects of wellness, including nutrition. Patients are coached on how to make
dietary choices that give them the stamina they need to comply with exercise regimens and manage
everyday tasks. Keeping up with an exercise routine can help patients make physical activity a habit.

Well-versed in biomechanics, the chiropractor and physiotherapy team offer clinical pilates to
strengthen vulnerable soft tissues and prevent recurring injuries. Pilates classes are available for
individuals and small groups, and routines are individually-tailored according to the type of injury and
the patient’s fitness level.

The chiropractor has a strong background in sports medicine. Physiotherapists are well-trained in softtissue
rehabilitative therapies that help athletes resume full activity as soon as possible. At the clinic’s
gym, athletes receive training in therapeutic exercises that strengthen affected tissues.

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