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Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in Kent WA Offers Relief From Sport Injuries

Sports Injury Pain Management Solutions for All


Kent, WA – November 20, 2017 – Palmer Chiropractic offers timely relief and solace from sports-related
injuries. Led by Dr. Brian Bussard, the clinic specializes in personalized care for each and every patient.
This includes rehabilitative therapies, along with massages and overall wellness plans.

Sports injuries can range from shoulder injuries to foot and ankle injuries. If not treated in a timely and
professional manner, these injuries can cause irreparable harm and damage. With this in mind, Palmer
Chiropractic offers osteopathic consultations and evaluations. This allows them to understand the level
of your sports injury, while formulating strategic treatment plans to restore proper functionality,
mobility and performance.

Whether dealing with muscle tears, ligament sprains, or stress fractures, Dr. Bussard and his team are
here to help. In fact, they offer digital imaging and scanning to pinpoint and address your sports injury
with true precision. However, the clinic offers biomechanics, tissue pathology and rehab as solutions as
opposed to harmful pain relievers. Unless absolutely necessary, Dr. Bussard will try to help you avoid
costly surgical procedures as well.

Exercise medicine also plays a pivotal role in remedying your injuries. This, of course, is the art of
restoring optimal movements and flexibility to the areas in distress. The clinic will also determine how
long these therapies will be needed, along with an estimated timetable for full recovery. If you are tired
of recurring sports injuries and want to return to full activities, now is the right time to schedule a
complimentary evaluation and get the ball rolling.

For more information, simply contact Palmer Chiropractic today for all sports-related injury care and

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